Borewell Inspection

Borewell inspection is a process of scanning your borewell using HQ sony under water camera, so we can know the complete details about borewell.

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Borewell Recovery

After inspecting the bore well if there any blocks or damages in bore well we can easily identify and based on the problem we can arrive solution.

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Other Borewell Services

1. Identifying the numberĀ  of water sources in borewell.

2. Casing pipe inspection.

3. GSM based advanced starters and pumpset controller installation.

4. Motor & Pump fixing and cleaning.

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How long the casing is there? Whats is it's condition and whether it has been fixed properly or not?

Total depth and ideal depth for installation of pumpset.Whats the present water level depth? Whether there are any places where we can water source?

How is borewell formation? i.e. Whether it is set, rock or boulders.

Where are the gaps and how long are there?

Number of water gaps above the water level and how much water we can get from them?

From which gap the better source of water available?

At what depth pumpset has to be installed to get maximum quantity of water?

Whether water from a upper gap going through a lower gap? In which gap it is going?

In some borewells the water sources might missed slightly and there will be forced water leak into the well. We can make that place into big gap to get all the water source.

If motor is getting strucked in the borewell, the exact depth and reason for such strucking will be known.

Whether the motor cannot be installed to the total depth drilled? We can give solution after scanning the borewell.

We can know non functioning of borewell due to the pumpset though there is water or there is no water?

Sometimes during drilling water might not come but would get stored after sometime. We can know about that


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